Conditional Assessment Scheme (CAS)

CAS is a mandatory statutory survey scheme that Category 2 and Category 3 (non-double hull) oil tankers must satisfactorily complete (with no outstanding recommendations) by 15 years of age or by the first intermediate or renewal survey due after 5 April 2005, which ever occurs later, in order to trade to their respective phase out date as per MARPOL 13G, which was accelerated by resolution MEPC.111(50) which enters into force on 5 April 2005.


CAS is required to be conducted in conjunction with, the mandatory Enhanced Survey Program (ESP) and builds upon ESP ACSA by requiring additional thickness measurements and close-up surveys. Relative to ESP, CAS is unique in two respects:

  1. CAS contains very specific responsibilities and deadlines for planning the survey, which must begin 8 months in advance of the survey’s commencement; and
  3. The flag Administration must review/monitor the survey and reporting process and issue the five-year full term CAS Statement of Compliance).

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