Hull Surveys

All regulatory bodies require Hull Surveys at specified intervals. Load Line Surveys, Intermediate Surveys, Dry-docking Surveys, Special Periodical Surveys, ESP, ACSA and ESDC Surveys each require Ultrasonic thickness measurements.


International Inspection personnel specialize in this area of Non Destructive Testing and have conducted thousands of Hull gauging surveys over the years.


In general, the survey is commenced with a “pre-plan meeting” involving the Owners, Class surveyor and International Inspection personnel in which the items agreed upon include locations, access to locations and number of gaugings at these specified locations. One major issue to be considered on larger vessels is access to these locations. International Inspection adapts and will work with any access provided as long as it is deemed safe to all parties involved. Access may involve staging, climbing and the use of portable rubber rafts. Often the tanks or spaces are flooded to give our technicians access to certain areas.


Upon completion of the gauging survey, International Inspection will provide a final computerized report in our format, client supplied format or class supplied format. These final reports normally include AutoCAD drawings and/or spreadsheet formats which include original design thickness, current measured thickness and percent wastage.

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