Why Inspect Concrete?

International Inspection, Inc. performs concrete inspections for clients in the construction and commercial property industries. We provide this service to help minimize the risks inherent to concrete coring and sawcutting.

Blindly drilling into concrete can cause workers to unexpectedly hit obstacles, a dangerous situation that exposes them to significant hazard for injury. No one is reasonably going to remember where rebar, conduits, or PT cables are buried five to ten years after the slab has been poured, and while as-built drawings may be available for the jobsite, they may not ultimately prove reliable for locating hidden electrical elements like lines and junction boxes.
Concrete/Construction Services
Our concrete scanning services help keep workers safer by locating potential hazards before anyone starts work. In many cases, the risks can be eliminated by using x-ray techniques prior to coring or sawcutting in order to locate rebar, post-tensioned cable, and conduit.
International Inspection, Inc. will perform concrete x-ray inspections anytime (24 hours) and develop the resulting film on site for immediate results. Concrete contents are then indicated on the surface using permanent markers, unless indicated otherwise.
Highly-occupied Sites — Highly occupied sites such as hotels, hospitals, casinos, etc. where evacuating two floors to perform x-ray inspections is impractical may require an alternate inspection method. An excellent alternative is our Subsurface Interface Radar (SIR) inspections.
One-side accessibility — SIR would also be the method of choice for slabs on grade, retaining walls, and other conditions where only one-side accessibility is available.
In order to assure a safe environment for site staff & our personnel as required by state law, general guidelines must be met. Please see our List of Concrete X-Ray Guidelines. To request a sample Notice To Tenants, please contact one of our offices and we will be happy to e-mail or fax a copy to you.
Image Technique Selection

Depending on your exact project requirements International Inspection can help you specify the use of x-ray or subsurface interface radar. On many projects a combination of the two methods can improve job site safety and reduce costs.

For the safest and most economical inspection methods, contact us with job site conditions.

Why Use International Inspection?