Critical Areas Inspection Plans (CAIP’s) are intended to be the method used by vessel companies to document and track structural failures. In this capacity, CAIP’s will assist surveyors, inspectors and the vessel’s crew in ensuring the vessel is properly inspected and maintained. Within the CAIP, the surveyor, inspector, or crew will be able to find detailed information on the vessel’s fracture history, corrosion control systems, and previous repairs. The CAIP will also contain a record and evaluation of repairs to the vessel’s fractures. It is critical to know what temporary or permanent repairs have been successful in the past. Previously completed repairs that result in recurring fractures should not be reused. The evaluation of “permanent” repairs and/or design modifications is important to the vessel’s overall fitness.

International Inspection, Inc. has provided this service for over 15 years. The experience of technicians and the ability to track each particular vessel on our Networked Server has proven to be a great tool not only for internal paperwork but for our clients as well. Working in conjunction with engineers hired by vessel owners, we are able to give the engineers and vessel owner representatives a daily log of findings with photos showing items/areas of concern. This close working relationship assures the repair crew will not be waiting on our inspection team and saves the client thousands of dollars in expediting the vessel repairs to get vessel back into service.

It is very typical for International Inspection, Inc. to leave a team of two inspectors to follow the fracture repairs found during our CAIP inspection. These senior technicians help coordinate the repairs, calculate staging/scaffolding if required for welders, perform inspection on repairs being made and provide a final computerized report.

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