Concrete X-ray Services and Guidelines

Guidelines and Recommended Preparation

At the time of concrete inspection, our crew utilizes radioactive materials type Iridium 192. Prior to any inspection, the following guidelines must be met in order for our technicians to proceed with work.

  • On the floor/level being x-rayed, all people, animals and undeveloped film must be removed 40 feet in all directions (laterally) from the core location/s on that floor only in order to maintain a safe area.
  • No evacuation is required on the floor above since we are x-raying down as long as the floor above is concrete and not wood.
  • On the floor below the slab being x-rayed, all people, animals and undeveloped film must be removed 30 feet in all directions (laterally) from the core location on that floor in order to maintain a safe area.
  • On the floor below the core location, our crew must have accessibility to that area as well as direct contact to the underside of the concrete slab for film placement.
  • It is recommended that a representative from your company or the company requiring the cores to be on site to meet our technicians as well as stay for the duration of the job. If an x-ray is taken and we do not have adequate clearance for the core, we will need a representative to guide us in where to take an additional x-ray.
  • After completion of the x-ray procedure, there is NO residual radiation. Once the x-ray is complete there is no radiation hazard.
  • Computer software, videos, etc. are not affected since we are using Gamma-Radiation and not X-Radiation.
About International Inspection's Scanning Services

International Inspection, Inc. is a licensed inspection firm with the State and has been performing this type of inspections on a daily basis since 1987. All technicians of International Inspection, Inc. have successfully completed a State approved Radiation Health and Safety Training Program and all technicians have been approved by the State to perform such inspections based on education and performance. A two-man crew performs all inspections with one person on each side of the concrete slab being x-rayed to maintain our safe boundaries. Prior to x-raying, our two-man crew will establish the required safe boundaries using “Caution Radiation Area” yellow banner tape. At the time of exposure each person on either side of the concrete slab/wall monitors the barriers to assure no one from the general public enters our “Radiation Area”. Should someone need to enter the area to get to their vehicle or other personal belongings the crew is in constant radio communication and could stop the x-raying and allow the person to briefly enter with no harm.

These are the basic guidelines, if you or any other person should have technical questions, please contact us.

International Inspection Radiation Safety Officers:

Michael Delgado (California)
+1 (562) 944-3166
Fax: +1 (562) 944-3114

John Knapp (Washington)
+1 (206) 766-8180
Fax: +1 (206) 766-8186

Dan Rosian (Oregon)
+1 (503) 283-2668
Fax: +1 (503) 283-7656