Technician Performing Visual Assessment of Vessel's Stern

International Inspection, Inc. retains a certified staff of experts in the field of nondestructive testing (NDT), who provide quality inspections and NDT services. These professionals assist a wide range of industries, with services available 24/7 for all our local, nationwide, and global customers.

We regularly serve the following industries with our varied NDT services:
Inspection Services
International Inspection performs an array of inspection services from our 6 locations across the Pacific and Gulf Coasts. They include the following:
Maritime Inspections
Certified technicians provide structural steel and piping inspection services to the maritime industry. Our extensive experience in maritime inspections allows us to provide these clients with specialized services of impeccable quality. We are highly familiar with the current best practices and trends in marine-focused inspections, staying abreast of developments in regulations regarding the surveillance, maintenance, and repair of sea vessels.
Concrete Inspections
By using x-ray, ground penetrating radar (GPR), or subsurface interfacing radar (SIR), International Inspection can eliminate risk when cutting/coring concrete. These methods allow us to locate rebar, post-tension cables, conduit, and other potentially hazardous obstacles buried underneath the surface of an unfamiliar slab. Our technicians can perform concrete inspection services at any time and achieve immediate results.
Welder Qualification
Our Welder Qualification Test (WQT) and Inspection services consist of several NDT methods, including x-ray, gamma ray, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic inspections. International Inspection currently performs over 3000 x-ray WQTs per year by implementing our streamlined approach, which was developed by our Seattle office to accommodate the inspection and reporting of these vital test specimens.
Fabrication Inspections
We employ experts who regularly inspect a variety of fabrications — ranging from storage tanks and pressure vessels to cell towers and vessel hulls — to determine the safety and integrity of these important assets. Our ASNT certified Level II and Level III inspectors are experienced in working with different material types and weld processes, which allows them to conduct analysis according to pertinent inspection codes. Clients who have benefitted from these services include respected fabrication specialists such as Greenberry Industrial, CH Murphy/Clark Ullman, and ABW Technologies.
NDT Services
Furthermore, International Inspection offers the following NDT services:
Visual Testing
Visual Testing (VT) represents the foundations of nondestructive testing, and thus we ensure our technicians have mastered this fundamental method of analysis. These experts perform condition assessments of structures, noting locations and dimensions of defects on the surface or indications of subsurface imperfections. Such discoveries may warrant further investigation using a more advanced NDT method.
Industrial Radiography
We use Industrial Radiography (RT) to evaluate welds, identify defects, profile corrosion and blockage locations, and inspect concrete to locate structural steel. Most of our locations offer the following in-lab x-ray capabilities:
Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a popular NDT service that uses acoustic energy in the ultrasonic spectrum for evaluating internal defects in materials. International Inspection primarily performs UT with Straight Beam (Compression Wave) or Angle Beam (Shear Wave).
Magnetic Particle Testing
International Inspection administers Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) to find surface and subsurface indications in ferromagnetic materials. We specialize in field inspections utilizing three methods: Dry Powder Method, Wet Visible and Wet Fluorescent methods.
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Our technicians are highly experienced in performing Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) as well. We use this method to detect discontinuities open to the surface in non-porous materials with ease. The most commonly used applications include solvent removable, water washable, and fluorescent penetrants.
Subsurface Interface Radar
Subsurface Interface Radar (SIR) uses electromagnetic signals to determine the location and existence of embedded material in concrete or soil. Our equipment allows us to perform SIR inspections of concrete up to 24-inches thick.
Positive Material Identification
With the recent acquisition of a powerful Niton XL2 Gold unit, we have added Positive Material Identification (PMI) to our continuously growing list of capabilities. This new equipment affords our technicians an easy-to-operate, highly accurate, handheld nondestructive tool to analyze the chemical composition of a subject onsite.
Rope Access NDT
Finally, our trained technicians can perform NDT services on large structures and equipment through our rope access capabilities. They can conduct visual inspection, radiographic imaging, ultrasonic testing, and positive material identification on otherwise inaccessible areas. These experts consistently abide by the rigorous safety procedures we set to ensure that the jobsite remains accident-free while performing suspended inspections.
If your company needs quality NDT services from a trusted provider, contact International Inspection today.