Piping surveys are conducted to inspect, document and track piping condition and history. International Inspection performs Ultrasonic (UT) and Visual testing services to make these evaluations. Ultrasonically with an “A Scan” presentation and dual element transducer a real time 100% scan of the piping will pick up internal pitting and erosion in areas that would not be accessible by other means. Visual Inspection (usually in a shipyard environment) is performed using lights, mirrors, boroscopes and other visual inspection devices when valves and inspection ports are removed. These UT surveys can be done through coating and with product in the line on most any type of pipeline. Typical lines aboard a tanker for example would include the deck Cargo, IGS, COW, Ballast, Fire & Foam lines and in tank piping. The Record keeping is catered to the client’s needs. In most cases the piping system is drawn in AutoCAD showing remaining wall thickness together with notable discrepancies. If requested these reports can also supply complete information on each and every piece through the systems including pipe schedule, size, dates rolled, repaired or replaced and this history could be tracked through the life of the vessel.