International Inspection performs onsite industrial radiography testing services to clients during inspections. This advanced imaging method allows technicians to observe conditions beneath the surface of a material, which helps them to detect minute flaws such as fractures, lack of bonding, unwanted porosity, and other defects.

III provides portable field service using modern Iridium 192 isotopes projectors. All field radiography units are equipped with darkrooms for on site film developing to give immediate results. Units are all operable on 12 volts, thereby precluding the need for external power hook-up.

Radiography has a wide range of applications, from weld defect evaluation to profile views used for locating corrosion and blockages. Radiography is also used for inspecting concrete to locate structural steel such as Re-bar and post tension cable as well as electrical conduit prior to core drilling or saw-cutting.

In-lab X-ray capability using 275-300 kvp/8-10 ma units at most locations offer the following services: