International Inspection, Inc. performs rope access services to allow our technicians to assess otherwise difficult-to-reach areas on large structures and equipment. These capabilities allow our trained rope access technicians to perform a variety of nondestructive testing (NDT) methods while suspended in the air. They can perform the same range of examination methods — including visual inspection, radiographic imaging, and ultrasonic testing, to name a few — on difficult-to-reach areas thanks to their extensive training with this suspended access method. Because they can quickly scale tall structures and conduct entire inspections while suspended, our technicians’ rope access skills can help save clients money on expensive scaffolding during the inspection process.
International Inspection, Inc. regularly serves marine, construction, petrochemical, geophysical, and telecommunication industries with our rope access capabilities. Our proficiency in using this access method allows us to complete important analysis, like hull surveys and cell tower inspections, safely and efficiently. We require our rope access technicians to complete training and obtain relevant certification to ensure that our personnel operate in a safe manner while performing inspections on your work site.

If your large structure or equipment has difficult-to-reach areas that need to be inspected in an efficient and cost-effective manner, contact International Inspection today. Our talented rope access division can serve your specific needs.